Northern California wildfires could affect Southern California water

Anytime there is an ecological disaster, your Inland Empire water supply could be at risk. Wildfires are no exception. The October 2017 California Wildfires were some of the most destructive the state has ever seen. Winter rains could exacerbate the issue, slowing down cleanup and causing toxic particles to runoff into streams

Chromium 6 – Are you drinking Chromium 6 in your water?

The name “Erin Brockovich” has begun popping up in the media again. Why you ask? The once popular movie is now back in the spotlight after recent tests have shown that the water contaminant Chromium-6 may be effecting over 200 million Americans. While the longterm effects of Chromium-6 are still being studied, when it comes

Introducing Culligan Clear Link Pro

When you’re thirsty and in need of some refreshing, thirst-quenching water, you reach for the fridge and realize there’s no bottled water. Oh no! What do you do since your tap water tastes so bad? It’s time to introduce yourself to in-home water filtration systems featuring reverse osmosis technology. What is Reverse Osmosis and

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